Size Chart

The general rule of thumb for boots is 0.5 inches for wiggle room and average growth to last a whole season. If you decide to size up your child could wear thick wool socks, or add insoles. 

Please make sure you measure your kids feet before ordering. If this is a struggle you could also measure a current pair of shoes your kids is wearing that fits well as a baseline. 

Size 3 - 4.65 Inches 
Size 4- 4.96 Inches 
Size 5- 5.27 Inches 
Size 6- 5.59 Inches 
Size 7- 5.90 Inches
Size 8- 6.22 Inches
Size 9- 6.53 Inches 
Size 10- 6.85 Inches 
 Size 11 7.17 Inches 
 Size 12 7.48 Inches 

 Size 13t 7.79 Inches

Size 1Y-8.11 Inches 

Size 2Y- 8.42 Inches